gtsam 4.1.1
sfm Directory Reference


file  BinaryMeasurement.h [code]
 Binary measurement represents a measurement between two keys in a graph. A binary measurement is similar to a BetweenFactor, except that it does not contain an error function. It is a measurement (along with a noise model) from one key to another. Note that the direction is important. A measurement from key1 to key2 is not the same as the same measurement from key2 to key1.
file  MFAS.cpp
 Source file for the MFAS class.
file  MFAS.h [code]
 MFAS class to solve Minimum Feedback Arc Set graph problem.
file  ShonanAveraging.cpp
 Shonan Averaging algorithm.
file  ShonanAveraging.h [code]
 Shonan Averaging algorithm.
file  ShonanFactor.h [code]
 Main factor type in Shonan averaging, on SO(n) pairs.
file  ShonanGaugeFactor.h [code]
 Factor used in Shonan Averaging to clamp down gauge freedom.
file  TranslationFactor.h [code]
 Binary factor for a relative translation direction measurement.
file  TranslationRecovery.cpp
 Source code for recovering translations when rotations are given.
file  TranslationRecovery.h [code]
 Recovering translations in an epipolar graph when rotations are given.