gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::DoglegParams Class Reference

Detailed Description

Parameters for Levenberg-Marquardt optimization.

Note that this parameters class inherits from NonlinearOptimizerParams, which specifies the parameters common to all nonlinear optimization algorithms. This class also contains all of those parameters.

+ Inheritance diagram for gtsam::DoglegParams:

Public Member Functions

void print (const std::string &str="") const override
double getDeltaInitial () const
std::string getVerbosityDL () const
void setDeltaInitial (double deltaInitial)
void setVerbosityDL (const std::string &verbosityDL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizerParams
size_t getMaxIterations () const
double getRelativeErrorTol () const
double getAbsoluteErrorTol () const
double getErrorTol () const
std::string getVerbosity () const
void setMaxIterations (int value)
void setRelativeErrorTol (double value)
void setAbsoluteErrorTol (double value)
void setErrorTol (double value)
void setVerbosity (const std::string &src)
bool isMultifrontal () const
bool isSequential () const
bool isCholmod () const
bool isIterative () const
GaussianFactorGraph::Eliminate getEliminationFunction () const
std::string getLinearSolverType () const
void setLinearSolverType (const std::string &solver)
void setIterativeParams (const boost::shared_ptr< IterativeOptimizationParameters > params)
void setOrdering (const Ordering &ordering)
std::string getOrderingType () const
void setOrderingType (const std::string &ordering)

Public Attributes

double deltaInitial
 The initial trust region radius (default: 10.0)
VerbosityDL verbosityDL
 The verbosity level for Dogleg (default: SILENT), see also NonlinearOptimizerParams::verbosity.
- Public Attributes inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizerParams
size_t maxIterations
 The maximum iterations to stop iterating (default 100)
double relativeErrorTol
 The maximum relative error decrease to stop iterating (default 1e-5)
double absoluteErrorTol
 The maximum absolute error decrease to stop iterating (default 1e-5)
double errorTol
 The maximum total error to stop iterating (default 0.0)
Verbosity verbosity
 The printing verbosity during optimization (default SILENT)
Ordering::OrderingType orderingType
 The method of ordering use during variable elimination (default COLAMD)
LinearSolverType linearSolverType
 The type of linear solver to use in the nonlinear optimizer.
boost::optional< Orderingordering
 The variable elimination ordering, or empty to use COLAMD (default: empty)
IterativeOptimizationParameters::shared_ptr iterativeParams
 The container for iterativeOptimization parameters. used in CG Solvers.

Public Types

enum  VerbosityDL { SILENT, VERBOSE }
 See DoglegParams::dlVerbosity.
- Public Types inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizerParams
enum  Verbosity {
 See NonlinearOptimizerParams::verbosity.
enum  LinearSolverType {
  Iterative, CHOLMOD
 See NonlinearOptimizerParams::linearSolverType.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizerParams
static Verbosity verbosityTranslator (const std::string &s)
static std::string verbosityTranslator (Verbosity value)

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