gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::SmartProjectionParams Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SmartProjectionParams (LinearizationMode linMode=HESSIAN, DegeneracyMode degMode=IGNORE_DEGENERACY, bool throwCheirality=false, bool verboseCheirality=false, double retriangulationTh=1e-5)
void print (const std::string &str="") const
LinearizationMode getLinearizationMode () const
DegeneracyMode getDegeneracyMode () const
TriangulationParameters getTriangulationParameters () const
bool getVerboseCheirality () const
bool getThrowCheirality () const
double getRetriangulationThreshold () const
void setLinearizationMode (LinearizationMode linMode)
void setDegeneracyMode (DegeneracyMode degMode)
void setRetriangulationThreshold (double retriangulationTh)
void setRankTolerance (double rankTol)
void setEnableEPI (bool enableEPI)
void setLandmarkDistanceThreshold (double landmarkDistanceThreshold)
void setDynamicOutlierRejectionThreshold (double dynOutRejectionThreshold)

Public Attributes

LinearizationMode linearizationMode
 How to linearize the factor.
DegeneracyMode degeneracyMode
 How to linearize the factor.
Parameters governing the triangulation
TriangulationParameters triangulation
double retriangulationThreshold
 threshold to decide whether to re-triangulate
Parameters governing how triangulation result is treated
bool throwCheirality
 If true, re-throws Cheirality exceptions (default: false)
bool verboseCheirality
 If true, prints text for Cheirality exceptions (default: false)


class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

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