gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::NonlinearConjugateGradientOptimizer Class Reference

Detailed Description

An implementation of the nonlinear CG method using the template below.

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Public Member Functions

 NonlinearConjugateGradientOptimizer (const NonlinearFactorGraph &graph, const Values &initialValues, const Parameters &params=Parameters())
virtual ~NonlinearConjugateGradientOptimizer ()
GaussianFactorGraph::shared_ptr iterate () override
 Perform a single iteration, returning GaussianFactorGraph corresponding to the linearized factor graph.
const Valuesoptimize () override
 Optimize for the maximum-likelihood estimate, returning a the optimized variable assignments.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizer
const ValuesoptimizeSafely ()
 Optimize, but return empty result if any uncaught exception is thrown Intended for MATLAB. More...
double error () const
 return error
size_t iterations () const
 return number of iterations
const Valuesvalues () const
 return values
virtual ~NonlinearOptimizer ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual VectorValues solve (const GaussianFactorGraph &gfg, const NonlinearOptimizerParams &params) const
 Default function to do linear solve, i.e. More...

Public Types

typedef NonlinearOptimizer Base
typedef NonlinearOptimizerParams Parameters
typedef boost::shared_ptr< NonlinearConjugateGradientOptimizershared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizer
typedef boost::shared_ptr< const NonlinearOptimizershared_ptr
 A shared pointer to this class.

Protected Member Functions

const NonlinearOptimizerParams_params () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizer
void defaultOptimize ()
 A default implementation of the optimization loop, which calls iterate() until checkConvergence returns true.
 NonlinearOptimizer (const NonlinearFactorGraph &graph, std::unique_ptr< internal::NonlinearOptimizerState > state)
 Constructor for initial construction of base classes. More...

Protected Attributes

Parameters params_
- Protected Attributes inherited from gtsam::NonlinearOptimizer
NonlinearFactorGraph graph_
 The graph with nonlinear factors.
std::unique_ptr< internal::NonlinearOptimizerState > state_
 PIMPL'd state.

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