gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::DiscreteKeys Struct Reference

Detailed Description

DiscreteKeys is a set of keys that can be assembled using the & operator.

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Public Member Functions

 DiscreteKeys ()
 Default constructor.
 DiscreteKeys (const DiscreteKey &key)
 Construct from a key.
 DiscreteKeys (const std::vector< DiscreteKey > &keys)
 Construct from a vector of keys.
GTSAM_EXPORT DiscreteKeys (const std::vector< int > &cs)
 Construct from cardinalities with default names.
GTSAM_EXPORT KeyVector indices () const
 Return a vector of indices.
GTSAM_EXPORT std::map< Key, size_t > cardinalities () const
 Return a map from index to cardinality.
DiscreteKeysoperator & (const DiscreteKey &key)
 Add a key (non-const!)

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