gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::FastSet< VALUE > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FastSet ()
 Default constructor.
template<typename INPUTITERATOR >
 Constructor from a range, passes through to base class.
template<typename INPUTCONTAINER >
 FastSet (const INPUTCONTAINER &container)
 Constructor from a iterable container, passes through to base class.
 FastSet (const FastSet< VALUE > &x)
 Copy constructor from another FastSet.
 FastSet (const Base &x)
 Copy constructor from the base set class.
 operator std::set< VALUE > () const
 Conversion to a standard STL container.
bool exists (const VALUE &e) const
 Handy 'exists' function.
void print (const std::string &str="") const
 Print to implement Testable: pretty basic.
bool equals (const FastSet< VALUE > &other, double tol=1e-9) const
 Check for equality within tolerance to implement Testable.
void merge (const FastSet &other)
 insert another set: handy for MATLAB access

Public Types

typedef std::set< VALUE, std::less< VALUE >, typename internal::FastDefaultAllocator< VALUE >::type > Base


class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

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