gtsam  4.0.0
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1 /* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
3  * GTSAM Copyright 2010, Georgia Tech Research Corporation,
4  * Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0415
5  * All Rights Reserved
6  * Authors: Frank Dellaert, et al. (see THANKS for the full author list)
8  * See LICENSE for the license information
10  * -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
19 #pragma once
21 // All headers in base, except:
22 // treeTraversal-inst.h: very specific to only a few compilation units
23 // numericalDerivative.h : includes things in linear, nonlinear :-(
24 // testLie.h: includes numericalDerivative
25 #include <gtsam/base/Lie.h>
26 #include <gtsam/base/chartTesting.h>
27 #include <gtsam/base/cholesky.h>
28 #include <gtsam/base/concepts.h>
29 #include <gtsam/base/ConcurrentMap.h>
30 #include <gtsam/base/debug.h>
31 #include <gtsam/base/DSFVector.h>
33 #include <gtsam/base/FastList.h>
34 #include <gtsam/base/FastMap.h>
35 #include <gtsam/base/FastSet.h>
36 #include <gtsam/base/FastVector.h>
37 #include <gtsam/base/GenericValue.h>
38 #include <gtsam/base/Group.h>
39 #include <gtsam/base/Lie.h>
40 #include <gtsam/base/lieProxies.h>
41 #include <gtsam/base/Manifold.h>
42 #include <gtsam/base/Matrix.h>
45 #include <gtsam/base/serialization.h>
48 #include <gtsam/base/Testable.h>
51 #include <gtsam/base/timing.h>
52 #include <gtsam/base/types.h>
53 #include <gtsam/base/Value.h>
54 #include <gtsam/base/Vector.h>
55 #include <gtsam/base/VectorSpace.h>
The base class for any variable that can be optimized or used in a factor.
Base class and basic functions for Manifold types.
A thin wrapper around std::vector that uses a custom allocator.
Provides additional testing facilities for common data structures.
Provides convenient mappings of common member functions for testing.
A thin wrapper around std::list that uses boost's fast_pool_allocator.
Concept check class for variable types with Group properties.
A thin wrapper around std::set that uses boost's fast_pool_allocator.
A thin wrapper around std::map that uses boost's fast_pool_allocator.
Access to matrices via blocks of pre-defined sizes.
Group product of two Lie Groups.
A faster implementation for DSF, which uses vector rather than btree.
An easy way to control which allocator is used for Fast* collections.
Global debugging flags.
A matrix with column blocks of pre-defined sizes.
Timing utilities.
Concept check for values that can be used in unit tests.
typedef and functions to augment Eigen's MatrixXd
Efficient incomplete Cholesky on rank-deficient matrices, todo: constrained Cholesky.
Base class and basic functions for Lie types.
typedef and functions to augment Eigen's VectorXd
Special class for optional Jacobian arguments.
Typedefs for easier changing of types.
Base exception type that uses tbb_exception if GTSAM is compiled with TBB.