gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::LP Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Data structure of a Linear Program.

Public Member Functions

bool isFeasible (const VectorValues &x) const
 check feasibility
void print (const string &s="") const
bool equals (const LP &other, double tol=1e-9) const
const KeyDimMapconstrainedKeyDimMap () const
Vector costGradient (Key key, const VectorValues &delta) const

Public Attributes

LinearCost cost
 Linear cost factor.
EqualityFactorGraph equalities
 Linear equality constraints: cE(x) = 0.
InequalityFactorGraph inequalities
 Linear inequality constraints: cI(x) <= 0.

Public Types

using shared_ptr = boost::shared_ptr< LP >

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