gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::PreintegrationParams Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Parameters for pre-integration: Usage: Create just a single Params and pass a shared pointer to the constructor.

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Public Member Functions

 PreintegrationParams (const Vector3 &n_gravity)
 The Params constructor insists on getting the navigation frame gravity vector For convenience, two commonly used conventions are provided by named constructors below.
void print (const std::string &s) const
bool equals (const PreintegratedRotation::Params &other, double tol) const
void setAccelerometerCovariance (const Matrix3 &cov)
void setIntegrationCovariance (const Matrix3 &cov)
void setUse2ndOrderCoriolis (bool flag)
const Matrix3 & getAccelerometerCovariance () const
const Matrix3 & getIntegrationCovariance () const
const Vector3 & getGravity () const
bool getUse2ndOrderCoriolis () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::PreintegratedRotationParams
void setGyroscopeCovariance (const Matrix3 &cov)
void setOmegaCoriolis (const Vector3 &omega)
void setBodyPSensor (const Pose3 &pose)
const Matrix3 & getGyroscopeCovariance () const
boost::optional< Vector3 > getOmegaCoriolis () const
boost::optional< Pose3getBodyPSensor () const

Static Public Member Functions

static boost::shared_ptr< PreintegrationParamsMakeSharedD (double g=9.81)
static boost::shared_ptr< PreintegrationParamsMakeSharedU (double g=9.81)

Public Attributes

Matrix3 accelerometerCovariance
 continuous-time "Covariance" of accelerometer
Matrix3 integrationCovariance
 continuous-time "Covariance" describing integration uncertainty
bool use2ndOrderCoriolis
 Whether to use second order Coriolis integration.
Vector3 n_gravity
 Gravity vector in nav frame.
- Public Attributes inherited from gtsam::PreintegratedRotationParams
Matrix3 gyroscopeCovariance
 continuous-time "Covariance" of gyroscope measurements
boost::optional< Vector3 > omegaCoriolis
 Coriolis constant.
boost::optional< Pose3body_P_sensor
 The pose of the sensor in the body frame.

Protected Member Functions

 PreintegrationParams ()
 Default constructor for serialization only: uninitialized!
template<class ARCHIVE >
void serialize (ARCHIVE &ar, const unsigned int)


class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

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