gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::VariableIndex Class Reference

Detailed Description

The VariableIndex class computes and stores the block column structure of a factor graph.

The factor graph stores a collection of factors, each of which involves a set of variables. In contrast, the VariableIndex is built from a factor graph prior to elimination, and stores the list of factors that involve each variable. This information is stored as a deque of lists of factor indices.

Standard Constructors

 VariableIndex ()
 Default constructor, creates an empty VariableIndex.
template<class FG >
 VariableIndex (const FG &factorGraph)
 Create a VariableIndex that computes and stores the block column structure of a factor graph.

Standard Interface

size_t size () const
 The number of variable entries. This is equal to the number of unique variable Keys.
size_t nFactors () const
 The number of factors in the original factor graph.
size_t nEntries () const
 The number of nonzero blocks, i.e. the number of variable-factor entries.
const Factors & operator[] (Key variable) const
 Access a list of factors by variable.


bool equals (const VariableIndex &other, double tol=0.0) const
 Test for equality (for unit tests and debug assertions).
void print (const std::string &str="VariableIndex: ", const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
 Print the variable index (for unit tests and debugging).
void outputMetisFormat (std::ostream &os) const
 Output dual hypergraph to Metis file format for use with hmetis In the dual graph, variables are hyperedges, factors are nodes.

Advanced Interface

template<class FG >
void augment (const FG &factors, boost::optional< const FactorIndices & > newFactorIndices=boost::none)
 Augment the variable index with new factors. More...
template<typename ITERATOR , class FG >
void remove (ITERATOR firstFactor, ITERATOR lastFactor, const FG &factors)
 Remove entries corresponding to the specified factors. More...
template<typename ITERATOR >
void removeUnusedVariables (ITERATOR firstKey, ITERATOR lastKey)
 Remove unused empty variables (in debug mode verifies they are empty).
const_iterator begin () const
 Iterator to the first variable entry.
const_iterator end () const
 Iterator to the first variable entry.
const_iterator find (Key key) const
 Find the iterator for the requested variable entry.
Factor_iterator factorsBegin (Key variable)
Factor_iterator factorsEnd (Key variable)
Factor_const_iterator factorsBegin (Key variable) const
Factor_const_iterator factorsEnd (Key variable) const
const Factors & internalAt (Key variable) const
 Internal version of 'at' that asserts existence.
Factors & internalAt (Key variable)
 Internal version of 'at' that asserts existence.

Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr< VariableIndexshared_ptr
typedef FactorIndices Factors
typedef Factors::iterator Factor_iterator
typedef Factors::const_iterator Factor_const_iterator
typedef KeyMap::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef KeyMap::const_iterator iterator
typedef KeyMap::value_type value_type

Protected Types

typedef FastMap< Key, Factors > KeyMap

Protected Attributes

KeyMap index_
size_t nFactors_
size_t nEntries_

Member Function Documentation

◆ augment()

template<class FG >
void gtsam::VariableIndex::augment ( const FG &  factors,
boost::optional< const FactorIndices & >  newFactorIndices = boost::none 

Augment the variable index with new factors.

This can be used when solving problems incrementally.

◆ remove()

template<typename ITERATOR , class FG >
void gtsam::VariableIndex::remove ( ITERATOR  firstFactor,
ITERATOR  lastFactor,
const FG &  factors 

Remove entries corresponding to the specified factors.

NOTE: We intentionally do not decrement nFactors_ because the factor indices need to remain consistent. Removing factors from a factor graph does not shift the indices of other factors. Also, we keep nFactors_ one greater than the highest-numbered factor referenced in a VariableIndex.

indicesThe indices of the factors to remove, which must match factors
factorsThe factors being removed, which must symbolically correspond exactly to the factors with the specified indices that were added.

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