gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::Cal3_S2Stereo Class Reference


size_t dim () const
 return DOF, dimensionality of tangent space
Cal3_S2Stereo retract (const Vector &d) const
 Given 6-dim tangent vector, create new calibration.
Vector6 localCoordinates (const Cal3_S2Stereo &T2) const
 Unretraction for the calibration.
static size_t Dim ()
 return DOF, dimensionality of tangent space

Advanced Interface

class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

Public Member Functions

Standard Constructors


 Cal3_S2Stereo ()
 default calibration leaves coordinates unchanged
 Cal3_S2Stereo (double fx, double fy, double s, double u0, double v0, double b)
 constructor from doubles
 Cal3_S2Stereo (const Vector &d)
 constructor from vector
 Cal3_S2Stereo (double fov, int w, int h, double b)
 easy constructor; field-of-view in degrees, assumes zero skew
void print (const std::string &s="") const
bool equals (const Cal3_S2Stereo &other, double tol=10e-9) const
 Check if equal up to specified tolerance.
Standard Interface
const Cal3_S2calibration () const
 return calibration, same for left and right
Matrix matrix () const
 return calibration matrix K, same for left and right
double fx () const
 focal length x
double fy () const
 focal length x
double skew () const
double px () const
 image center in x
double py () const
 image center in y
Point2 principalPoint () const
 return the principal point
double baseline () const
 return baseline
Vector6 vector () const
 vectorized form (column-wise)

Public Types

enum  { dimension = 6 }
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Cal3_S2Stereoshared_ptr
 shared pointer to stereo calibration object

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