gtsam  4.1.0
gtsam::AcceleratingScenario Class Reference

Detailed Description

Accelerating from an arbitrary initial state, with optional rotation.

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Public Member Functions

 AcceleratingScenario (const Rot3 &nRb, const Point3 &p0, const Vector3 &v0, const Vector3 &a_n, const Vector3 &omega_b=Vector3::Zero())
 Construct scenario with constant acceleration in navigation frame and optional angular velocity in body: rotating while translating...
Pose3 pose (double t) const override
 pose at time t
Vector3 omega_b (double t) const override
 angular velocity in body frame
Vector3 velocity_n (double t) const override
 velocity at time t, in nav frame
Vector3 acceleration_n (double t) const override
 acceleration in nav frame
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::Scenario
virtual ~Scenario ()
 virtual destructor
Rot3 rotation (double t) const
NavState navState (double t) const
Vector3 velocity_b (double t) const
Vector3 acceleration_b (double t) const

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