gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::Scatter Class Reference

Detailed Description

Scatter is an intermediate data structure used when building a HessianFactor incrementally, to get the keys in the right order.

In spirit, it is a map from global variable indices to slot indices in the union of involved variables. We also include the dimensionality of the variable.

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Public Member Functions

 Default Constructor.
GTSAM_EXPORT Scatter (const GaussianFactorGraph &gfg)
 Construct from gaussian factor graph, without ordering.
GTSAM_EXPORT Scatter (const GaussianFactorGraph &gfg, const Ordering &ordering)
 Construct from gaussian factor graph, with (partial or complete) ordering.
GTSAM_EXPORT void add (Key key, size_t dim)
 Add a key/dim pair.

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