gtsam 4.1.1
Manifold.h File Reference

Base class and basic functions for Manifold types. More...

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struct  gtsam::manifold_tag
 tag to assert a type is a manifold More...
struct  gtsam::internal::HasManifoldPrereqs< Class >
 Requirements on type to pass it to Manifold template below. More...
struct  gtsam::internal::GetDimensionImpl< Class, N >
 Extra manifold traits for fixed-dimension types. More...
struct  gtsam::internal::GetDimensionImpl< Class, Eigen::Dynamic >
 Extra manifold traits for variable-dimension types. More...
struct  gtsam::internal::ManifoldTraits< Class >
 A helper that implements the traits interface for GTSAM manifolds. More...
struct  gtsam::internal::Manifold< Class >
 Both ManifoldTraits and Testable. More...
struct  gtsam::FixedDimension< T >
 Give fixed size dimension of a type, fails at compile time if dynamic. More...


namespace  gtsam
 Global functions in a separate testing namespace.


#define GTSAM_CONCEPT_MANIFOLD_INST(T)   template class gtsam::IsManifold<T>;
#define GTSAM_CONCEPT_MANIFOLD_TYPE(T)   using _gtsam_IsManifold_##T = gtsam::IsManifold<T>;


template<typename T >
 gtsam::BOOST_CONCEPT_REQUIRES (((IsTestable< T >)),(bool)) check_manifold_invariants(const T &a
 Check invariants for Manifold type.

Detailed Description

Base class and basic functions for Manifold types.

Alex Cunningham
Frank Dellaert
Mike Bosse