gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::KeyInfo Class Reference

Detailed Description

Handy data structure for iterative solvers.

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Public Member Functions

 KeyInfo ()
 Default Constructor.
 KeyInfo (const GaussianFactorGraph &fg)
 Construct from Gaussian factor graph, use "Natural" ordering.
 KeyInfo (const GaussianFactorGraph &fg, const Ordering &ordering)
 Construct from Gaussian factor graph and a given ordering.
size_t numCols () const
 Return the total number of columns (scalar variables = sum of dimensions)
const Orderingordering () const
 Return the ordering.
std::vector< size_t > colSpec () const
 Return a vector of dimensions ordered by ordering()
VectorValues x0 () const
 Return VectorValues with zeros, of correct dimension.
Vector x0vector () const
 Return zero Vector of correct dimension.

Public Types

typedef std::map< Key, KeyInfoEntryBase

Protected Member Functions

void initialize (const GaussianFactorGraph &fg)

Protected Attributes

Ordering ordering_
size_t numCols_

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