gtsam 4.1.1
Deprecated List
Member gtsam::AHRSFactor::AHRSFactor (Key rot_i, Key rot_j, Key bias, const PreintegratedMeasurements &preintegratedMeasurements, const Vector3 &omegaCoriolis, const boost::optional< Pose3 > &body_P_sensor=boost::none)
Member gtsam::AHRSFactor::predict (const Rot3 &rot_i, const Vector3 &bias, const PreintegratedMeasurements preintegratedMeasurements, const Vector3 &omegaCoriolis, const boost::optional< Pose3 > &body_P_sensor=boost::none)
static function
Member gtsam::AHRSFactor::PreintegratedMeasurements
Member gtsam::assert_equal (const std::vector< V > &expected, const std::vector< V > &actual, double tol=1e-9)
: use container equals instead
Member gtsam::axpy (double alpha, const V1 &x, V2 &y)
: use operators instead
Member gtsam::Cal3Bundler::D2d_calibration (const Point2 &p) const
might be removed in next release, use uncalibrate
Member gtsam::Cal3Bundler::D2d_intrinsic (const Point2 &p) const
might be removed in next release, use uncalibrate
Member gtsam::Cal3Bundler::D2d_intrinsic_calibration (const Point2 &p) const
might be removed in next release, use uncalibrate
Member gtsam::CalibratedCamera::Dim ()
Member gtsam::CalibratedCamera::dim () const
Member gtsam::CalibratedCamera::project (const Point3 &point, OptionalJacobian< 2, 6 > Dcamera=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 2, 3 > Dpoint=boost::none) const
Use project2, which is more consistently named across Pinhole cameras
Member gtsam::load2D_robust (const string &filename, const noiseModel::Base::shared_ptr &model, size_t maxIndex)
load2D now allows for arbitrary models and wrapping a robust kernel
Member gtsam::PinholeCamera< Calibration >::Dim ()
Member gtsam::PinholeCamera< Calibration >::dim () const
Member gtsam::PinholePose< CALIBRATION >::Dim ()
Member gtsam::PinholePose< CALIBRATION >::dim () const
Member gtsam::PreintegratedAhrsMeasurements::PreintegratedAhrsMeasurements (const Vector3 &biasHat, const Matrix3 &measuredOmegaCovariance)
Member gtsam::Rot3::column (int index) const
, this is base 1, and was just confusing
Member gtsam::scal (double alpha, Vector &x)
: use operators instead
Member gtsam::StereoCamera::project (const Point3 &point, OptionalJacobian< 3, 6 > H1, OptionalJacobian< 3, 3 > H2=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 3, 0 > H3=boost::none) const
, use project2 - this class has fixed calibration
Member gtsam::Unit3::error (const Unit3 &q, OptionalJacobian< 2, 2 > H_q=boost::none) const
, errorVector has the proper derivatives, this confusingly has only the second.