gtsam 4.1.1
expressions.h File Reference

Common expressions for solving geometry/slam/sfm problems. More...

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namespace  gtsam
 Global functions in a separate testing namespace.


typedef Expression< Point2 > gtsam::Point2_
typedef Expression< Rot2 > gtsam::Rot2_
typedef Expression< Pose2 > gtsam::Pose2_
typedef Expression< Point3 > gtsam::Point3_
typedef Expression< Unit3 > gtsam::Unit3_
typedef Expression< Rot3 > gtsam::Rot3_
typedef Expression< Pose3 > gtsam::Pose3_
typedef Expression< Line3 > gtsam::Line3_
typedef Expression< Cal3_S2 > gtsam::Cal3_S2_
typedef Expression< Cal3Bundler > gtsam::Cal3Bundler_


Point2_ gtsam::transformTo (const Pose2_ &x, const Point2_ &p)
Point3_ gtsam::transformTo (const Pose3_ &x, const Point3_ &p)
Point3_ gtsam::transformFrom (const Pose3_ &x, const Point3_ &p)
Line3_ gtsam::transformTo (const Pose3_ &wTc, const Line3_ &wL)
Point3_ gtsam::cross (const Point3_ &a, const Point3_ &b)
Double_ gtsam::dot (const Point3_ &a, const Point3_ &b)
Rot3 gtsam::internal::rotation (const Pose3 &pose, OptionalJacobian< 3, 6 > H)
Rot3_ gtsam::rotation (const Pose3_ &pose)
Point3_ gtsam::rotate (const Rot3_ &x, const Point3_ &p)
Unit3_ gtsam::rotate (const Rot3_ &x, const Unit3_ &p)
Point3_ gtsam::unrotate (const Rot3_ &x, const Point3_ &p)
Unit3_ gtsam::unrotate (const Rot3_ &x, const Unit3_ &p)
Point2_ gtsam::project (const Point3_ &p_cam)
 Expression version of PinholeBase::Project.
Point2_ gtsam::project (const Unit3_ &p_cam)
template<class CAMERA , class POINT >
Point2 gtsam::internal::project4 (const CAMERA &camera, const POINT &p, OptionalJacobian< 2, CAMERA::dimension > Dcam, OptionalJacobian< 2, FixedDimension< POINT >::value > Dpoint)
template<class CAMERA , class POINT >
Point2_ gtsam::project2 (const Expression< CAMERA > &camera_, const Expression< POINT > &p_)
template<class CALIBRATION , class POINT >
Point2 gtsam::internal::project6 (const Pose3 &x, const Point3 &p, const Cal3_S2 &K, OptionalJacobian< 2, 6 > Dpose, OptionalJacobian< 2, 3 > Dpoint, OptionalJacobian< 2, 5 > Dcal)
template<class CALIBRATION , class POINT >
Point2_ gtsam::project3 (const Pose3_ &x, const Expression< POINT > &p, const Expression< CALIBRATION > &K)
template<class CALIBRATION >
Point2_ gtsam::uncalibrate (const Expression< CALIBRATION > &K, const Point2_ &xy_hat)
template<typename T >
gtsam::Expression< typename gtsam::traits< T >::TangentVector > gtsam::logmap (const gtsam::Expression< T > &x1, const gtsam::Expression< T > &x2)

Detailed Description

Common expressions for solving geometry/slam/sfm problems.

Oct 1, 2014
Frank Dellaert