gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::internal::TimingOutline Class Reference

Detailed Description

Timing Entry, arranged in a tree.

Public Member Functions

GTSAM_EXPORT TimingOutline (const std::string &label, size_t myId)
GTSAM_EXPORT size_t time () const
 time taken, including children
double secs () const
 time taken, in seconds, including children
double self () const
 self time only, in seconds
double wall () const
 wall time, in seconds
double min () const
 min time, in seconds
double max () const
 max time, in seconds
double mean () const
 mean self time, in seconds
GTSAM_EXPORT void print (const std::string &outline="") const
GTSAM_EXPORT void print2 (const std::string &outline="", const double parentTotal=-1.0) const
GTSAM_EXPORT const boost::shared_ptr< TimingOutline > & child (size_t child, const std::string &label, const boost::weak_ptr< TimingOutline > &thisPtr)
GTSAM_EXPORT void tic ()
GTSAM_EXPORT void toc ()
GTSAM_EXPORT void finishedIteration ()

Protected Types

typedef FastMap< size_t, boost::shared_ptr< TimingOutline > > ChildMap

Protected Member Functions

void add (size_t usecs, size_t usecsWall)

Protected Attributes

size_t id_
size_t t_
size_t tWall_
double t2_
 cache the \sum t_i^2
size_t tIt_
size_t tMax_
size_t tMin_
size_t n_
size_t myOrder_
size_t lastChildOrder_
std::string label_
boost::weak_ptr< TimingOutlineparent_
 parent pointer
ChildMap children_
boost::timer timer_
gtsam::ValueWithDefault< bool, false > timerActive_


GTSAM_EXPORT friend void toc (size_t id, const char *label)

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