gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::NonlinearISAM Class Reference

Detailed Description

Wrapper class to manage ISAM in a nonlinear context.

Public Member Functions

Standard Constructors
 NonlinearISAM (int reorderInterval=1, const GaussianFactorGraph::Eliminate &eliminationFunction=GaussianFactorGraph::EliminationTraitsType::DefaultEliminate)
 Periodically reorder and relinearize. More...
Standard Interface
Values estimate () const
 Return the current solution estimate.
Matrix marginalCovariance (Key key) const
 find the marginal covariance for a single variable
const GaussianISAMbayesTree () const
 access the underlying bayes tree
const ValuesgetLinearizationPoint () const
 Return the current linearization point.
const NonlinearFactorGraphgetFactorsUnsafe () const
 get underlying nonlinear graph
int reorderInterval () const
 get counters More...
int reorderCounter () const
 TODO: comment.
void print (const std::string &s="", const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
 prints out all contents of the system
void printStats () const
 prints out clique statistics
void saveGraph (const std::string &s, const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
 saves the Tree to a text file in GraphViz format
Advanced Interface
void update (const NonlinearFactorGraph &newFactors, const Values &initialValues)
 Add new factors along with their initial linearization points.
void reorder_relinearize ()
 Relinearization and reordering of variables.

Protected Attributes

gtsam::GaussianISAM isam_
 The internal iSAM object.
Values linPoint_
 The current linearization point.
NonlinearFactorGraph factors_
 The original factors, used when relinearizing.
int reorderInterval_
 The reordering interval and counter.
int reorderCounter_
GaussianFactorGraph::Eliminate eliminationFunction_
 The elimination function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NonlinearISAM()

gtsam::NonlinearISAM::NonlinearISAM ( int  reorderInterval = 1,
const GaussianFactorGraph::Eliminate eliminationFunction = GaussianFactorGraph::EliminationTraitsType::DefaultEliminate 

Periodically reorder and relinearize.

reorderIntervalis the number of updates between reorderings, 0 never reorders (and is dangerous for memory consumption) 1 (default) reorders every time, in worse case is batch every update typical values are 50 or 100

Member Function Documentation

◆ reorderInterval()

int gtsam::NonlinearISAM::reorderInterval ( ) const

get counters

TODO: comment

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