gtsam  4.1.0
gtsam::SfmTrack Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Define the structure for the 3D points.

Public Member Functions

 SfmTrack (const gtsam::Point3 &pt)
size_t number_measurements () const
 Total number of measurements in this track.
SfmMeasurement measurement (size_t idx) const
 Get the measurement (camera index, Point2) at pose index idx
SiftIndex siftIndex (size_t idx) const
 Get the SIFT feature index corresponding to the measurement at idx
const Point3point3 () const
 Get 3D point.
void add_measurement (size_t idx, const gtsam::Point2 &m)
 Add measurement (camera_idx, Point2) to track.

Public Attributes

Point3 p
 3D position of the point
float r
float g
float b
 RGB color of the 3D point.
std::vector< SfmMeasurementmeasurements
 The 2D image projections (id,(u,v))
std::vector< SiftIndexsiftIndices

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