gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::ISAM2BayesTree Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef ISAM2::Base Base
typedef ISAM2BayesTree This
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Thisshared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from gtsam::BayesTree< ISAM2Clique >
typedef ISAM2Clique Clique
 The clique type, normally BayesTreeClique.
typedef boost::shared_ptr< CliquesharedClique
 Shared pointer to a clique.
typedef Clique Node
 Synonym for Clique (TODO: remove)
typedef sharedClique sharedNode
 Synonym for sharedClique (TODO: remove)
typedef CLIQUE::ConditionalType ConditionalType
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ConditionalType > sharedConditional
typedef CLIQUE::BayesNetType BayesNetType
typedef boost::shared_ptr< BayesNetType > sharedBayesNet
typedef CLIQUE::FactorType FactorType
typedef boost::shared_ptr< FactorType > sharedFactor
typedef CLIQUE::FactorGraphType FactorGraphType
typedef boost::shared_ptr< FactorGraphType > sharedFactorGraph
typedef FactorGraphType::Eliminate Eliminate
typedef CLIQUE::EliminationTraitsType EliminationTraitsType
typedef FastList< sharedCliqueCliques
 A convenience class for a list of shared cliques.
typedef ConcurrentMap< Key, sharedCliqueNodes
 Map from keys to Clique.
typedef FastVector< sharedCliqueRoots
 Root cliques.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::BayesTree< ISAM2Clique >
size_t size () const
 number of cliques
bool empty () const
 Check if there are any cliques in the tree.
const Nodesnodes () const
 return nodes
const sharedNode operator[] (Key j) const
 Access node by variable.
const Rootsroots () const
 return root cliques
const sharedCliqueclique (Key j) const
 alternate syntax for matlab: find the clique that contains the variable with Key j
BayesTreeCliqueData getCliqueData () const
 Gather data on all cliques.
size_t numCachedSeparatorMarginals () const
 Collect number of cliques with cached separator marginals.
sharedConditional marginalFactor (Key j, const Eliminate &function=EliminationTraitsType::DefaultEliminate) const
 Return marginal on any variable. More...
sharedFactorGraph joint (Key j1, Key j2, const Eliminate &function=EliminationTraitsType::DefaultEliminate) const
 return joint on two variables Limitation: can only calculate joint if cliques are disjoint or one of them is root
sharedBayesNet jointBayesNet (Key j1, Key j2, const Eliminate &function=EliminationTraitsType::DefaultEliminate) const
 return joint on two variables as a BayesNet Limitation: can only calculate joint if cliques are disjoint or one of them is root
void saveGraph (const std::string &s, const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
 Read only with side effects. More...
Key findParentClique (const CONTAINER &parents) const
 Find parent clique of a conditional. More...
void clear ()
 Remove all nodes.
void deleteCachedShortcuts ()
 Clear all shortcut caches - use before timing on marginal calculation to avoid residual cache data.
void removePath (sharedClique clique, BayesNetType *bn, Cliques *orphans)
 Remove path from clique to root and return that path as factors plus a list of orphaned subtree roots. More...
void removeTop (const KeyVector &keys, BayesNetType *bn, Cliques *orphans)
 Given a list of indices, turn "contaminated" part of the tree back into a factor graph. More...
Cliques removeSubtree (const sharedClique &subtree)
 Remove the requested subtree.
void insertRoot (const sharedClique &subtree)
 Insert a new subtree with known parent clique. More...
void addClique (const sharedClique &clique, const sharedClique &parent_clique=sharedClique())
 add a clique (top down)
void addFactorsToGraph (FactorGraph< FactorType > *graph) const
 Add all cliques in this BayesTree to the specified factor graph.
void print (const std::string &s="", const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
- Protected Types inherited from gtsam::BayesTree< ISAM2Clique >
typedef BayesTree< ISAM2CliqueThis
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Thisshared_ptr
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gtsam::BayesTree< ISAM2Clique >
Thisoperator= (const This &other)
 Assignment operator.
 BayesTree ()
 Create an empty Bayes Tree.
 BayesTree (const This &other)
 Copy constructor.
void getCliqueData (sharedClique clique, BayesTreeCliqueData *stats) const
 Gather data on a single clique.
void saveGraph (std::ostream &s, sharedClique clique, const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter, int parentnum=0) const
 private helper method for saving the Tree to a text file in GraphViz format
void removeClique (sharedClique clique)
 remove a clique: warning, can result in a forest
void fillNodesIndex (const sharedClique &subtree)
 Fill the nodes index for a subtree.
bool equals (const This &other, double tol=1e-9) const
 check equality
- Protected Attributes inherited from gtsam::BayesTree< ISAM2Clique >
Nodes nodes_
 Map from indices to Clique.
Roots roots_
 Root cliques.

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