gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::Basis< DERIVED >::ComponentDerivativeFunctor< M > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename DERIVED>
template<int M>
class gtsam::Basis< DERIVED >::ComponentDerivativeFunctor< M >

Given a M*N Matrix of M-vectors at N polynomial points, an instance of ComponentDerivativeFunctor computes the N-vector derivative for a specific row component of the M-vectors at all the polynomial points.

This component is specified by the row index i, with 0<i<M.

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Public Member Functions

 ComponentDerivativeFunctor ()
 For serialization.
 ComponentDerivativeFunctor (size_t N, size_t i, double x)
 Construct with row index.
 ComponentDerivativeFunctor (size_t N, size_t i, double x, double a, double b)
 Construct with row index and interval.
double apply (const ParameterMatrix< M > &P, OptionalJacobian< -1, -1 > H=boost::none) const
 Calculate derivative of component rowIndex_ of F.
double operator() (const ParameterMatrix< M > &P, OptionalJacobian< -1, -1 > H=boost::none) const
 c++ sugar

Protected Types

using Jacobian = Eigen::Matrix< double, 1, -1 >

Protected Member Functions

void calculateJacobian (size_t N)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gtsam::Basis< DERIVED >::DerivativeFunctorBase
 DerivativeFunctorBase ()
 For serialization.
 DerivativeFunctorBase (size_t N, double x)
 DerivativeFunctorBase (size_t N, double x, double a, double b)
void print (const std::string &s="") const

Protected Attributes

size_t rowIndex_
Jacobian H_
- Protected Attributes inherited from gtsam::Basis< DERIVED >::DerivativeFunctorBase
Weights weights_

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