gtsam 4.1.1
Point2.h File Reference

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struct  gtsam::Range< Point2, Point2 >


namespace  gtsam
 Global functions in a separate testing namespace.


typedef Vector2 gtsam::Point2
 As of GTSAM 4, in order to make GTSAM more lean, it is now possible to just typedef Point2 to Vector2.
using gtsam::Point2Pair = std::pair< Point2, Point2 >
 Calculate pose between a vector of 2D point correspondences (p,q) where q = Pose2::transformFrom(p) = t + R*p.
using gtsam::Point2Pairs = std::vector< Point2Pair >
typedef std::vector< Point2, Eigen::aligned_allocator< Point2 > > gtsam::Point2Vector


ostream & gtsam::operator<< (ostream &os, const gtsam::Point2Pair &p)
double gtsam::norm2 (const Point2 &p, OptionalJacobian< 1, 2 > H=boost::none)
 Distance of the point from the origin, with Jacobian.
double gtsam::distance2 (const Point2 &p1, const Point2 &q, OptionalJacobian< 1, 2 > H1=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 1, 2 > H2=boost::none)
 distance between two points
Point2 gtsam::operator* (double s, const Point2 &p)
 multiply with scalar
boost::optional< Point2 > gtsam::circleCircleIntersection (double R_d, double r_d, double tol)
list< Point2 > gtsam::circleCircleIntersection (Point2 c1, Point2 c2, boost::optional< Point2 > fh)
list< Point2 > gtsam::circleCircleIntersection (Point2 c1, double r1, Point2 c2, double r2, double tol=1e-9)
 Intersect 2 circles. More...

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2D Point

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