gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::FixedLagSmoother::Result Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Meta information returned about the update.

Public Member Functions

size_t getIterations () const
 Getter methods.
size_t getIntermediateSteps () const
size_t getNonlinearVariables () const
size_t getLinearVariables () const
double getError () const
void print () const

Public Attributes

size_t iterations
 The number of optimizer iterations performed.
size_t intermediateSteps
 The number of intermediate steps performed within the optimization. For L-M, this is the number of lambdas tried.
size_t nonlinearVariables
 The number of variables that can be relinearized.
size_t linearVariables
 The number of variables that must keep a constant linearization point.
double error
 The final factor graph error.

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