gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::GraphvizFormatting Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Formatting options when saving in GraphViz format using NonlinearFactorGraph::saveGraph.

Public Member Functions

 GraphvizFormatting ()
 Default constructor sets up robot coordinates. More...

Public Attributes

Axis paperHorizontalAxis
 The world axis assigned to the horizontal paper axis.
Axis paperVerticalAxis
 The world axis assigned to the vertical paper axis.
double figureWidthInches
 The figure width on paper in inches.
double figureHeightInches
 The figure height on paper in inches.
double scale
 Scale all positions to reduce / increase density.
bool mergeSimilarFactors
 Merge multiple factors that have the same connectivity.
bool plotFactorPoints
 Plots each factor as a dot between the variables.
bool connectKeysToFactor
 Draw a line from each key within a factor to the dot of the factor.
bool binaryEdges
 just use non-dotted edges for binary factors
std::map< size_t, Point2factorPositions
 (optional for each factor) Manually specify factor "dot" positions.

Public Types

enum  Axis {
  X , Y , Z , NEGX ,

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GraphvizFormatting()

gtsam::GraphvizFormatting::GraphvizFormatting ( )

Default constructor sets up robot coordinates.

Paper horizontal is robot Y, paper vertical is robot X. Default figure size of 5x5 in.

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