gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::MetisIndex Class Reference

Detailed Description

The MetisIndex class converts a factor graph into the Compressed Sparse Row format for use in METIS algorithms.

Specifically, two vectors store the adjacency structure of the graph. It is built from a factor graph prior to elimination, and stores the list of factors that involve each variable.

Standard Constructors

 MetisIndex ()
 Default constructor, creates empty MetisIndex.
template<class FG >
 MetisIndex (const FG &factorGraph)
 ~MetisIndex ()

Advanced Interface

template<class FACTOR >
void augment (const FactorGraph< FACTOR > &factors)
 Augment the variable index with new factors. More...
const std::vector< int32_t > & xadj () const
const std::vector< int32_t > & adj () const
size_t nValues () const
Key intToKey (int32_t value) const

Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr< MetisIndexshared_ptr
typedef boost::bimap< Key, int32_t > bm_type

Member Function Documentation

◆ augment()

template<class FACTOR >
void gtsam::MetisIndex::augment ( const FactorGraph< FACTOR > &  factors)

Augment the variable index with new factors.

This can be used when solving problems incrementally.

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