gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::ClusterTree< GRAPH >::Cluster Struct Reference

Detailed Description

template<class GRAPH>
struct gtsam::ClusterTree< GRAPH >::Cluster

A Cluster is just a collection of factors.

Public Member Functions

const Clusteroperator[] (size_t i) const
template<class CONTAINER >
 Cluster (Key key, const CONTAINER &factorsToAdd)
 Construct from factors associated with a single key.
template<class CONTAINER >
void addFactors (Key key, const CONTAINER &factorsToAdd)
 Add factors associated with a single key.
void addChild (const boost::shared_ptr< Cluster > &cluster)
 Add a child cluster.
size_t nrChildren () const
size_t nrFactors () const
size_t nrFrontals () const
int problemSize () const
virtual void print (const std::string &s="", const KeyFormatter &keyFormatter=DefaultKeyFormatter) const
 print this node
std::vector< size_t > nrFrontalsOfChildren () const
 Return a vector with nrFrontal keys for each child.
void merge (const boost::shared_ptr< Cluster > &cluster)
 Merge in given cluster.
void mergeChildren (const std::vector< bool > &merge)
 Merge all children for which bit is set into this node.

Public Attributes

Children children
Keys orderedFrontalKeys
 Frontal keys of this node.
FactorGraphType factors
 Factors associated with this node.
int problemSize_

Public Types

typedef FastVector< boost::shared_ptr< Cluster > > Children
typedef Ordering Keys

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