gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::ProductLieGroup< G, H > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename G, typename H>
class gtsam::ProductLieGroup< G, H >

Template to construct the product Lie group of two other Lie groups Assumes Lie group structure for G and H.

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Lie Group

typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, dimension, dimension > Jacobian
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, dimension1, dimension1 > Jacobian1
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, dimension2, dimension2 > Jacobian2
ProductLieGroup compose (const ProductLieGroup &other, ChartJacobian H1, ChartJacobian H2=boost::none) const
ProductLieGroup between (const ProductLieGroup &other, ChartJacobian H1, ChartJacobian H2=boost::none) const
ProductLieGroup inverse (ChartJacobian D) const
ProductLieGroup expmap (const TangentVector &v) const
TangentVector logmap (const ProductLieGroup &g) const
static ProductLieGroup Expmap (const TangentVector &v, ChartJacobian Hv=boost::none)
static TangentVector Logmap (const ProductLieGroup &p, ChartJacobian Hp=boost::none)
static TangentVector LocalCoordinates (const ProductLieGroup &p, ChartJacobian Hp=boost::none)


enum  { dimension = dimension1 + dimension2 }
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, dimension, 1 > TangentVector
typedef OptionalJacobian< dimension, dimension > ChartJacobian
size_t dim () const
ProductLieGroup retract (const TangentVector &v, ChartJacobian H1=boost::none, ChartJacobian H2=boost::none) const
TangentVector localCoordinates (const ProductLieGroup &g, ChartJacobian H1=boost::none, ChartJacobian H2=boost::none) const
static size_t Dim ()


typedef multiplicative_group_tag group_flavor
ProductLieGroup operator* (const ProductLieGroup &other) const
ProductLieGroup inverse () const
ProductLieGroup compose (const ProductLieGroup &g) const
ProductLieGroup between (const ProductLieGroup &g) const
static ProductLieGroup identity ()

Public Member Functions

 ProductLieGroup ()
 Default constructor yields identity.
 ProductLieGroup (const G &g, const H &h)
 ProductLieGroup (const Base &base)

Protected Types

enum  { dimension1 = traits<G>::dimension }
enum  { dimension2 = traits<H>::dimension }

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