gtsam  4.0.0
dynamics Directory Reference


file  DynamicsPriors.h [code]
 Priors to be used with dynamic systems (Specifically PoseRTV)
file  FullIMUFactor.h [code]
 Factor to express an IMU measurement between dynamic poses.
file  Pendulum.h [code]
 Three-way factors for the pendulum dynamics as in [Stern06siggraph] for (1) explicit Euler method, (2) implicit Euler method, and (3) sympletic Euler method.
file  PoseRTV.cpp
file  PoseRTV.h [code]
 Pose3 with translational velocity.
file  VelocityConstraint.h [code]
 Constraint enforcing the relationship between pose and velocity.
file  VelocityConstraint3.h [code]
 A simple 3-way factor constraining double poses and velocity.