gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::EliminationTraits< GaussianFactorGraph > Struct Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static std::pair< boost::shared_ptr< ConditionalType >, boost::shared_ptr< FactorType > > DefaultEliminate (const FactorGraphType &factors, const Ordering &keys)
 The default dense elimination function.

Public Types

typedef GaussianFactor FactorType
 Type of factors in factor graph.
typedef GaussianFactorGraph FactorGraphType
 Type of the factor graph (e.g. GaussianFactorGraph)
typedef GaussianConditional ConditionalType
 Type of conditionals from elimination.
typedef GaussianBayesNet BayesNetType
 Type of Bayes net from sequential elimination.
typedef GaussianEliminationTree EliminationTreeType
 Type of elimination tree.
typedef GaussianBayesTree BayesTreeType
 Type of Bayes tree.
typedef GaussianJunctionTree JunctionTreeType
 Type of Junction tree.

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