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gtsam::ManifoldPreintegration Class Reference

Detailed Description

IMU pre-integration on NavSatet manifold.

This corresponds to the original RSS paper (with one difference: V is rotated)

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Public Member Functions

 ManifoldPreintegration (const boost::shared_ptr< Params > &p, const imuBias::ConstantBias &biasHat=imuBias::ConstantBias())
 Constructor, initializes the variables in the base class. More...
Basic utilities

Re-initialize PreintegratedMeasurements

void resetIntegration () override
Instance variables access
NavState deltaXij () const override
Rot3 deltaRij () const override
Vector3 deltaPij () const override
Vector3 deltaVij () const override
Matrix3 delRdelBiasOmega () const
Matrix3 delPdelBiasAcc () const
Matrix3 delPdelBiasOmega () const
Matrix3 delVdelBiasAcc () const
Matrix3 delVdelBiasOmega () const
bool equals (const ManifoldPreintegration &other, double tol) const
Main functionality
void update (const Vector3 &measuredAcc, const Vector3 &measuredOmega, const double dt, Matrix9 *A, Matrix93 *B, Matrix93 *C) override
 Update preintegrated measurements and get derivatives It takes measured quantities in the j frame Modifies preintegrated quantities in place after correcting for bias and possibly sensor pose NOTE(frank): implementation is different in two versions.
Vector9 biasCorrectedDelta (const imuBias::ConstantBias &bias_i, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H=boost::none) const override
 Given the estimate of the bias, return a NavState tangent vector summarizing the preintegrated IMU measurements so far NOTE(frank): implementation is different in two versions.
virtual boost::shared_ptr< ManifoldPreintegrationclone () const
 Dummy clone for MATLAB.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::PreintegrationBase
 PreintegrationBase (const boost::shared_ptr< Params > &p, const imuBias::ConstantBias &biasHat=imuBias::ConstantBias())
 Constructor, initializes the variables in the base class. More...
void resetIntegrationAndSetBias (const Bias &biasHat)
bool matchesParamsWith (const PreintegrationBase &other) const
 check parameters equality: checks whether shared pointer points to same Params object.
const boost::shared_ptr< Params > & params () const
 shared pointer to params
const Paramsp () const
 const reference to params
const imuBias::ConstantBiasbiasHat () const
double deltaTij () const
Vector6 biasHatVector () const
std::pair< Vector3, Vector3 > correctMeasurementsBySensorPose (const Vector3 &unbiasedAcc, const Vector3 &unbiasedOmega, OptionalJacobian< 3, 3 > correctedAcc_H_unbiasedAcc=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 3, 3 > correctedAcc_H_unbiasedOmega=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 3, 3 > correctedOmega_H_unbiasedOmega=boost::none) const
 Subtract estimate and correct for sensor pose Compute the derivatives due to non-identity body_P_sensor (rotation and centrifugal acc) Ignore D_correctedOmega_measuredAcc as it is trivially zero.
virtual void integrateMeasurement (const Vector3 &measuredAcc, const Vector3 &measuredOmega, const double dt)
 Version without derivatives.
NavState predict (const NavState &state_i, const imuBias::ConstantBias &bias_i, OptionalJacobian< 9, 9 > H1=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H2=boost::none) const
 Predict state at time j.
Vector9 computeError (const NavState &state_i, const NavState &state_j, const imuBias::ConstantBias &bias_i, OptionalJacobian< 9, 9 > H1, OptionalJacobian< 9, 9 > H2, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H3) const
 Calculate error given navStates.
Vector9 computeErrorAndJacobians (const Pose3 &pose_i, const Vector3 &vel_i, const Pose3 &pose_j, const Vector3 &vel_j, const imuBias::ConstantBias &bias_i, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H1=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 9, 3 > H2=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H3=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 9, 3 > H4=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 9, 6 > H5=boost::none) const
 Compute errors w.r.t. More...
virtual void print (const std::string &s) const

Protected Member Functions

 ManifoldPreintegration ()
 Default constructor for serialization.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gtsam::PreintegrationBase
 PreintegrationBase ()
 Default constructor for serialization.
virtual ~PreintegrationBase ()
 Virtual destructor for serialization.

Protected Attributes

NavState deltaXij_
 Pre-integrated navigation state, from frame i to frame j Note: relative position does not take into account velocity at time i, see deltap+, in [2] Note: velocity is now also in frame i, as opposed to deltaVij in [2].
Matrix3 delRdelBiasOmega_
 Jacobian of preintegrated rotation w.r.t. angular rate bias.
Matrix3 delPdelBiasAcc_
 Jacobian of preintegrated position w.r.t. acceleration bias.
Matrix3 delPdelBiasOmega_
 Jacobian of preintegrated position w.r.t. angular rate bias.
Matrix3 delVdelBiasAcc_
 Jacobian of preintegrated velocity w.r.t. acceleration bias.
Matrix3 delVdelBiasOmega_
 Jacobian of preintegrated velocity w.r.t. angular rate bias.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gtsam::PreintegrationBase
boost::shared_ptr< Paramsp_
 Parameters. More...
Bias biasHat_
 Acceleration and gyro bias used for preintegration.
double deltaTij_
 Time interval from i to j.


class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gtsam::PreintegrationBase
typedef imuBias::ConstantBias Bias
typedef PreintegrationParams Params

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ManifoldPreintegration()

gtsam::ManifoldPreintegration::ManifoldPreintegration ( const boost::shared_ptr< Params > &  p,
const imuBias::ConstantBias biasHat = imuBias::ConstantBias() 

Constructor, initializes the variables in the base class.

pParameters, typically fixed in a single application
biasCurrent estimate of acceleration and rotation rate biases

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