gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::GaussianFactorGraphSystem Class Reference

Detailed Description

System class needed for calling preconditionedConjugateGradient.

Public Member Functions

 GaussianFactorGraphSystem (const GaussianFactorGraph &gfg, const Preconditioner &preconditioner, const KeyInfo &info, const std::map< Key, Vector > &lambda)
void residual (const Vector &x, Vector &r) const
void multiply (const Vector &x, Vector &y) const
void leftPrecondition (const Vector &x, Vector &y) const
void rightPrecondition (const Vector &x, Vector &y) const
void scal (const double alpha, Vector &x) const
double dot (const Vector &x, const Vector &y) const
void axpy (const double alpha, const Vector &x, Vector &y) const
void getb (Vector &b) const

Public Attributes

const GaussianFactorGraphgfg_
const Preconditionerpreconditioner_
const KeyInfokeyInfo_
const std::map< Key, Vector > & lambda_

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