gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::System Class Reference

Detailed Description

Helper class encapsulating the combined system |Ax-b_|^2 Needed to run Conjugate Gradients on matrices.

Public Member Functions

 System (const Matrix &A, const Vector &b)
const Matrix & A () const
 Access A matrix.
const Vector & b () const
 Access b vector.
Vector operator^ (const Vector &e) const
 Apply operator A'*e.
void print (const std::string &s="System") const
 Print with optional string.
Vector gradient (const Vector &x) const
 gradient of objective function 0.5*|Ax-b_|^2 at x = A_'*(Ax-b_)
Vector operator * (const Vector &x) const
 Apply operator A.
void multiplyInPlace (const Vector &x, Vector &e) const
 Apply operator A in place.
void transposeMultiplyAdd (double alpha, const Vector &e, Vector &x) const
 x += alpha* A'*e

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