gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::noiseModel::mEstimator::L2WithDeadZone Class Reference

Detailed Description

L2WithDeadZone implements a standard L2 penalty, but with a dead zone of width 2*k, centered at the origin.

The resulting penalty within the dead zone is always zero, and grows quadratically outside the dead zone. In this sense, the L2WithDeadZone penalty is "robust to inliers", rather than being robust to outliers. This penalty can be used to create barrier functions in a general way.

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Public Member Functions

 L2WithDeadZone (double k, const ReweightScheme reweight=Block)
double residual (double error) const
double weight (double error) const
void print (const std::string &s) const
bool equals (const Base &expected, double tol=1e-8) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::noiseModel::mEstimator::Base
 Base (const ReweightScheme reweight=Block)
double sqrtWeight (double error) const
Vector weight (const Vector &error) const
 produce a weight vector according to an error vector and the implemented robust function
Vector sqrtWeight (const Vector &error) const
 square root version of the weight function
void reweight (Vector &error) const
 reweight block matrices and a vector according to their weight implementation
void reweight (std::vector< Matrix > &A, Vector &error) const
void reweight (Matrix &A, Vector &error) const
void reweight (Matrix &A1, Matrix &A2, Vector &error) const
void reweight (Matrix &A1, Matrix &A2, Matrix &A3, Vector &error) const

Static Public Member Functions

static shared_ptr Create (double k, const ReweightScheme reweight=Block)

Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr< L2WithDeadZoneshared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from gtsam::noiseModel::mEstimator::Base
enum  ReweightScheme { Scalar, Block }
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Baseshared_ptr

Protected Attributes

double k_
- Protected Attributes inherited from gtsam::noiseModel::mEstimator::Base
ReweightScheme reweight_
 the rows can be weighted independently according to the error or uniformly with the norm of the right hand side


class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

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