gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::Mechanization_bRn2 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Mechanization_bRn2 (const Rot3 &initial_bRn=Rot3(), const Vector3 &initial_x_g=Z_3x1, const Vector3 &initial_x_a=Z_3x1)
 Constructor. More...
 Mechanization_bRn2 (const Mechanization_bRn2 &other)
 Copy constructor.
Vector3 b_g (double g_e) const
 gravity in the body frame
const Rot3bRn () const
const Vector3 & x_g () const
const Vector3 & x_a () const
Mechanization_bRn2 correct (const Vector9 &dx) const
 Correct AHRS full state given error state dx. More...
Mechanization_bRn2 integrate (const Vector3 &u, const double dt) const
 Integrate to get new state. More...
void print (const std::string &s="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static Mechanization_bRn2 initializeVector (const std::list< Vector > &U, const std::list< Vector > &F, const double g_e=0, bool flat=false)
 Initialize the first Mechanization state. More...
static Mechanization_bRn2 initialize (const Matrix &U, const Matrix &F, const double g_e=0, bool flat=false)
 Matrix version of initialize.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Mechanization_bRn2()

gtsam::Mechanization_bRn2::Mechanization_bRn2 ( const Rot3 initial_bRn = Rot3(),
const Vector3 &  initial_x_g = Z_3x1,
const Vector3 &  initial_x_a = Z_3x1 


initial_bRninitial rotation from nav to body frame
initial_x_ginitial gyro bias
r3Z-axis of rotated frame

Member Function Documentation

◆ correct()

Mechanization_bRn2 gtsam::Mechanization_bRn2::correct ( const Vector9 &  dx) const

Correct AHRS full state given error state dx.

objThe current state
dxThe error used to correct and return a new state

◆ initializeVector()

Mechanization_bRn2 gtsam::Mechanization_bRn2::initializeVector ( const std::list< Vector > &  U,
const std::list< Vector > &  F,
const double  g_e = 0,
bool  flat = false 

Initialize the first Mechanization state.

Ua list of gyro measurement vectors
Fa list of accelerometer measurement vectors
g_egravity magnitude
flatflag saying whether this is a flat trim init

◆ integrate()

Mechanization_bRn2 gtsam::Mechanization_bRn2::integrate ( const Vector3 &  u,
const double  dt 
) const

Integrate to get new state.

objThe current state
ugyro measurement to integrate
dttime elapsed since previous state in seconds

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