gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::ISAM2GaussNewtonParams Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ISAM2GaussNewtonParams (double _wildfireThreshold=0.001)
 Specify parameters as constructor arguments. More...
void print (const std::string str="") const
double getWildfireThreshold () const
void setWildfireThreshold (double wildfireThreshold)

Public Attributes

double wildfireThreshold
 Continue updating the linear delta only when changes are above this threshold (default: 0.001)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ISAM2GaussNewtonParams()

gtsam::ISAM2GaussNewtonParams::ISAM2GaussNewtonParams ( double  _wildfireThreshold = 0.001)

Specify parameters as constructor arguments.

_wildfireThresholdsee ISAM2GaussNewtonParams public variables, ISAM2GaussNewtonParams::wildfireThreshold

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