gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::ScenarioRunner Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ScenarioRunner (const Scenario &scenario, const SharedParams &p, double imuSampleTime=1.0/100.0, const Bias &bias=Bias())
const Vector3 & gravity_n () const
Vector3 actualAngularVelocity (double t) const
Vector3 actualSpecificForce (double t) const
Vector3 measuredAngularVelocity (double t) const
Vector3 measuredSpecificForce (double t) const
const double & imuSampleTime () const
PreintegratedImuMeasurements integrate (double T, const Bias &estimatedBias=Bias(), bool corrupted=false) const
 Integrate measurements for T seconds into a PIM.
NavState predict (const PreintegratedImuMeasurements &pim, const Bias &estimatedBias=Bias()) const
 Predict predict given a PIM.
Matrix9 estimateCovariance (double T, size_t N=1000, const Bias &estimatedBias=Bias()) const
 Compute a Monte Carlo estimate of the predict covariance using N samples.
Matrix6 estimateNoiseCovariance (size_t N=1000) const
 Estimate covariance of sampled noise for sanity-check.

Public Types

typedef imuBias::ConstantBias Bias
typedef boost::shared_ptr< PreintegrationParamsSharedParams

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