gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::so3::ExpmapFunctor Class Reference

Detailed Description

Functor implementing Exponential map.

+ Inheritance diagram for gtsam::so3::ExpmapFunctor:

Public Member Functions

 ExpmapFunctor (const Vector3 &omega, bool nearZeroApprox=false)
 Constructor with element of Lie algebra so(3)
 ExpmapFunctor (const Vector3 &axis, double angle, bool nearZeroApprox=false)
 Constructor with axis-angle.
SO3 expmap () const
 Rodrigues formula.

Protected Member Functions

void init (bool nearZeroApprox=false)

Protected Attributes

const double theta2
Matrix3 W
Matrix3 K
Matrix3 KK
bool nearZero
double theta
double sin_theta
double one_minus_cos

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