gtsam 4.1.1
make_shared.h File Reference

make_shared trampoline function to ensure proper alignment More...

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namespace  gtsam
 Global functions in a separate testing namespace.


template<bool B, class T = void>
using gtsam::enable_if_t = typename std::enable_if< B, T >::type
 An shorthand alias for accessing the ::type inside std::enable_if that can be used in a template directly.


template<typename T , typename ... Args>
gtsam::enable_if_t< needs_eigen_aligned_allocator< T >::value, boost::shared_ptr< T > > gtsam::make_shared (Args &&... args)
 Add our own make_shared as a layer of wrapping on boost::make_shared This solves the problem with the stock make_shared that custom alignment is not respected, causing SEGFAULTs at runtime, which is notoriously hard to debug. More...
template<typename T , typename ... Args>
gtsam::enable_if_t<!needs_eigen_aligned_allocator< T >::value, boost::shared_ptr< T > > gtsam::make_shared (Args &&... args)
 Fall back to the boost version if no need for alignment.

Detailed Description

make_shared trampoline function to ensure proper alignment

Fan Jiang