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gtsam::Reconstruction Class Reference

Detailed Description

Implement the Reconstruction equation: \( g_{k+1} = g_k \exp (h\xi_k) \), where \( h \): timestep (parameter) \( g_{k+1}, g_{k} \): poses at the current and the next timestep \( \xi_k \): the body-fixed velocity (Lie algebra) It is somewhat similar to BetweenFactor, but treats the body-fixed velocity \( \xi_k \) as a variable.

So it is a three-way factor. Note: this factor is necessary if one needs to smooth the entire graph. It's not needed in sequential update method.

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Public Member Functions

 Reconstruction (Key gKey1, Key gKey, Key xiKey, double h, double mu=1000.0)
virtual gtsam::NonlinearFactor::shared_ptr clone () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::NoiseModelFactor3< Pose3, Pose3, Vector6 >
 NoiseModelFactor3 ()
 Default Constructor for I/O.
 NoiseModelFactor3 (const SharedNoiseModel &noiseModel, Key j1, Key j2, Key j3)
 Constructor. More...
Key key1 () const
 methods to retrieve keys
Key key2 () const
Key key3 () const
virtual Vector unwhitenedError (const Values &x, boost::optional< std::vector< Matrix > & > H=boost::none) const
 Calls the 3-key specific version of evaluateError, which is pure virtual so must be implemented in the derived class. More...
virtual Vector evaluateError (const X1 &, const X2 &, const X3 &, boost::optional< Matrix & > H1=boost::none, boost::optional< Matrix & > H2=boost::none, boost::optional< Matrix & > H3=boost::none) const=0
 Override this method to finish implementing a trinary factor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gtsam::NoiseModelFactor3< Pose3, Pose3, Vector6 >
typedef Pose3 X1
typedef Pose3 X2
typedef Vector6 X3
- Protected Types inherited from gtsam::NoiseModelFactor3< Pose3, Pose3, Vector6 >
typedef NoiseModelFactor Base
typedef NoiseModelFactor3< Pose3, Pose3, Vector6 > This

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual gtsam::NonlinearFactor::shared_ptr gtsam::Reconstruction::clone ( ) const
a deep copy of this factor

Reimplemented from gtsam::NonlinearFactor.

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