gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::ConstantTwistScenario Class Reference

Detailed Description

Scenario with constant twist 3D trajectory.

Note that a plane flying level does not feel any acceleration: gravity is being perfectly compensated by the lift generated by the wings, and drag is compensated by thrust. The accelerometer will add the gravity component back in, as modeled by the specificForce method in ScenarioRunner.

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Public Member Functions

 ConstantTwistScenario (const Vector3 &w, const Vector3 &v, const Pose3 &nTb0=Pose3())
 Construct scenario with constant twist [w,v].
Pose3 pose (double t) const override
 pose at time t
Vector3 omega_b (double t) const override
 angular velocity in body frame
Vector3 velocity_n (double t) const override
 velocity at time t, in nav frame
Vector3 acceleration_n (double t) const override
 acceleration in nav frame
- Public Member Functions inherited from gtsam::Scenario
virtual ~Scenario ()
 virtual destructor
Rot3 rotation (double t) const
NavState navState (double t) const
Vector3 velocity_b (double t) const
Vector3 acceleration_b (double t) const

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