gtsam  4.0.0
gtsam::Cal3DS2_Base Class Reference
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Advanced Interface

class boost::serialization::access
 Serialization function.

Public Member Functions

Standard Constructors
 Cal3DS2_Base ()
 Default Constructor with only unit focal length.
 Cal3DS2_Base (double fx, double fy, double s, double u0, double v0, double k1, double k2, double p1=0.0, double p2=0.0)
virtual ~Cal3DS2_Base ()
Advanced Constructors
 Cal3DS2_Base (const Vector &v)
virtual void print (const std::string &s="") const
 print with optional string
bool equals (const Cal3DS2_Base &K, double tol=10e-9) const
 assert equality up to a tolerance
Standard Interface
double fx () const
 focal length x
double fy () const
 focal length x
double skew () const
double px () const
 image center in x
double py () const
 image center in y
double k1 () const
 First distortion coefficient.
double k2 () const
 Second distortion coefficient.
double p1 () const
 First tangential distortion coefficient.
double p2 () const
 Second tangential distortion coefficient.
Matrix3 K () const
 return calibration matrix – not really applicable
Vector4 k () const
 return distortion parameter vector
Vector9 vector () const
 Return all parameters as a vector.
Point2 uncalibrate (const Point2 &p, OptionalJacobian< 2, 9 > Dcal=boost::none, OptionalJacobian< 2, 2 > Dp=boost::none) const
 convert intrinsic coordinates xy to (distorted) image coordinates uv More...
Point2 calibrate (const Point2 &p, const double tol=1e-5) const
 Convert (distorted) image coordinates uv to intrinsic coordinates xy.
Matrix2 D2d_intrinsic (const Point2 &p) const
 Derivative of uncalibrate wrpt intrinsic coordinates.
Matrix29 D2d_calibration (const Point2 &p) const
 Derivative of uncalibrate wrpt the calibration parameters.
virtual boost::shared_ptr< Cal3DS2_Baseclone () const

Protected Attributes

double fx_
double fy_
double s_
double u0_
double v0_
double k1_
double k2_
double p1_
double p2_

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual boost::shared_ptr<Cal3DS2_Base> gtsam::Cal3DS2_Base::clone ( ) const
a deep copy of this object

Reimplemented in gtsam::Cal3DS2.

◆ uncalibrate()

Point2 gtsam::Cal3DS2_Base::uncalibrate ( const Point2 p,
OptionalJacobian< 2, 9 >  Dcal = boost::none,
OptionalJacobian< 2, 2 >  Dp = boost::none 
) const

convert intrinsic coordinates xy to (distorted) image coordinates uv

ppoint in intrinsic coordinates
Dcaloptional 2*9 Jacobian wrpt Cal3DS2 parameters
Dpoptional 2*2 Jacobian wrpt intrinsic coordinates
point in (distorted) image coordinates

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