gtsam  4.0.0
graph.h File Reference

Graph algorithm using boost library. More...

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class  gtsam::SDGraph< KEY >
 SDGraph is undirected graph with variable keys and double edge weights. More...
class  gtsam::SGraph< KEY >
class  gtsam::PredecessorMap< KEY >
 Map from variable key to parent key. More...


 Global functions in a separate testing namespace.


template<class KEY >
std::list< KEY > gtsam::predecessorMap2Keys (const PredecessorMap< KEY > &p_map)
 Generate a list of keys from a spanning tree represented by its predecessor map.
template<class G , class F , class KEY >
SDGraph< KEY > gtsam::toBoostGraph (const G &graph)
 Convert the factor graph to an SDGraph G = Graph type F = Factor type Key = Key type.
template<class G , class V , class KEY >
boost::tuple< G, V, std::map< KEY, V > > gtsam::predecessorMap2Graph (const PredecessorMap< KEY > &p_map)
 Build takes a predecessor map, and builds a directed graph corresponding to the tree. More...
template<class G , class Factor , class POSE , class KEY >
boost::shared_ptr< Values > gtsam::composePoses (const G &graph, const PredecessorMap< KEY > &tree, const POSE &rootPose)
 Compose the poses by following the chain specified by the spanning tree.
template<class G , class KEY , class FACTOR2 >
PredecessorMap< KEY > gtsam::findMinimumSpanningTree (const G &g)
 find the minimum spanning tree using boost graph library
template<class G , class KEY , class FACTOR2 >
void gtsam::split (const G &g, const PredecessorMap< KEY > &tree, G &Ab1, G &Ab2)
 Split the graph into two parts: one corresponds to the given spanning tree, and the other corresponds to the rest of the factors.

Detailed Description

Graph algorithm using boost library.

: Kai Ni
Jan 11, 2010