gtsam 4.1.1
gtsam::DSFMap< KEY > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 DSFMap ()
KEY find (const KEY &key) const
 Given key, find the representative key for the set in which it lives.
void merge (const KEY &x, const KEY &y)
 Merge two sets.
std::map< KEY, Set > sets () const
 return all sets, i.e. a partition of all elements

Public Types

typedef std::set< KEY > Set


struct  Entry
 We store the forest in an STL map, but parents are done with pointers. More...

Protected Types

typedef std::map< KEY, EntryMap
typedef Map::iterator iterator

Protected Member Functions

iterator find__ (const KEY &key) const
 Given key, find iterator to initial entry.
iterator find_ (const iterator &it) const
 Given iterator to initial entry, find the root Entry.
iterator find_ (const KEY &key) const
 Given key, find the root Entry.

Protected Attributes

Map entries_

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