gtsam  4.1.0
gtsam::ShonanAveragingParameters< d > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<size_t d>
struct gtsam::ShonanAveragingParameters< d >

Parameters governing optimization etc.

Public Member Functions

 ShonanAveragingParameters (const LevenbergMarquardtParams &lm=LevenbergMarquardtParams::CeresDefaults(), const std::string &method="JACOBI", double optimalityThreshold=-1e-4, double alpha=0.0, double beta=1.0, double gamma=0.0)
LevenbergMarquardtParams getLMParams () const
void setOptimalityThreshold (double value)
double getOptimalityThreshold () const
void setAnchor (size_t index, const Rot &value)
std::pair< size_t, Rot > getAnchor ()
void setAnchorWeight (double value)
double getAnchorWeight ()
void setKarcherWeight (double value)
double getKarcherWeight ()
void setGaugesWeight (double value)
double getGaugesWeight ()

Public Attributes

LevenbergMarquardtParams lm
double optimalityThreshold
Anchor anchor
double alpha
double beta
double gamma

Public Types

using Rot = typename std::conditional< d==2, Rot2, Rot3 >::type
using Anchor = std::pair< size_t, Rot >

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